... extending hospitality  
... developing authentic relationships  
... connecting each new person into the family  

Welcome Ministry

The Ark Community Church is a community of believers who value authentic relationships with Christ and each other.  The Welcome Ministry supports this value by ensuring that we maintain a culture which is hospitable and inclusive.

The Welcome Ministry team aim to help every person feel that they belong and to become integrated into the life of The Ark. We do this by extending a simple warm greeting at the door to first time visitors, providing opportunities to get acquainted with the leadership and activities of the church at regular Newcomers' Lunches, and by personally helping each new person to become connected into our church family.

Newcomers' Lunches are hosted by the Welcome Ministry team a number of times each year. They provide the opportunity to get to know our leadership team better and to learn more about the vision, values and structure of The Ark.  These occasions also serve as a place where newcomers themselves meet each other and develop ongoing friendships.


To find out the dates of our upcoming Newcomers' Lunches, please go to our Contact Us menu and view the Calendar page.