continually connecting with God ...           
... through passionate prayer               
making our first response               
"can I pray for you right now?" 

Intercession Ministry

At The Ark Community Church we believe that the one, true, living God longs for us to continually connect with Him through passionate prayer.  He loves it when we take the time to give Him thanks and praise for who He is, what He has done, what He is doing now and what He has promised to do in the future.  This has been revealed to us through the beauty and wonder of His creation, through His written word (the Bible) and through revelation by the Holy Spirit.  It is our desire to respond to Him daily through prayer, meditation and intercession in accordance with God's will.

To nurture a prayerful culture at The Ark, we encourage our people to make prayer the first response to all the issues that we or others face.  We aim to make prayer a priority in all that we do, or are seeking to do.  For us prayer involves seeking and awaiting God's presence, communicating thanks and praise to Him, listening to His voice, proclaiming His virtues, reflecting on His nature and works and interceding for the needs of self, others and our world.

We believe that everyone can pray.  The Bible tells us that we have direct access into God's presence by His grace.  By committing ourselves to faithful prayer we have seen some marvelous and miraculous answers to the petitions we have taken to God.  So it is with faith that we seek to uplift every situation to God in prayer, and by asking those in need:

"Can I pray for you right now?"

To make a request for prayer or provide a testimony for praise, please Get In Touch via our Contact Us page.