what do you think of when you think about church?

we think of church as like a base camp ...

... for climbing mountains, fighting battles and expeditions.

Base Camp

What do you think of when you think about church? Is it an old building, a religious community or just another type of social club?

We think of church as Base Camp – a place from which we move out on our mission, a place where we get equipped and re-fuelled for tasks we've been assigned, a place where we find companions on the journey and a place where we report back to - before heading out again!

It's like a Base Camp for climbing mountains – a place for rest, refreshment, shelter and food, a place to be equipped with all the right resources, a place to plan the route wisely with instruction from experienced guides, a place to become acclimatised to higher ground in preparation for the next ascent, and a place to recall your memories and forge friendships with fellow climbing companions.

It's like a Base Camp for fighting battles – a place to prepare for the next assault, a place to receive battle orders and strategies from the Commander, a place to train with weapons and hone your fighting skills with fellow soldiers, a place to return to and recount your stories of victories won, a place to heal and recover from battle wounds, a place to rest at the end of a battle and be refreshed to fight another day.

It's like a Base Camp for expeditions – a place to prepare for adventure and exploration into unfamiliar places and experiences, a place from which you get to do and see stuff that most people can only dream about, a place where you get information, instruction and motivation so that you get the most from your travels, a place where you return to and share the marvel of what you've seen and done, a place to re-stock supplies and plan the next adventure.

We'd love for you to come and join us at our Base Camp, ready to move out with us on our mission.