About Us

At The Ark Community Church, we believe Jesus is the Head of the Church and we aim to build our church on the solid foundation of the Word of God. We seek to live in relationship with Jesus and in obedience to His commands. We also seek to do only what the Father is doing by studying the eternal word and listening for his today word.

At The Ark, we are a family who are part of the worldwide family of God, which is made up of all those who seek to love and follow Jesus. We are committed to sharing our lives together and reflecting God’s love to each other through serving one another. 

At The Ark, we are a hospital which seeks to bring God’s healing and wholeness to the church family and to everyone around us. We believe healing in its many dimensions - physical, spiritual, emotional and relational - is a primary function of the church and a desperate need in our world.

At The Ark we are a school which is committed to equipping people for works of service through teaching and training. We believe we are called to minister to one another and to love and serve our world. Ministry is not the sole reserve of the paid professional or the very committed.

At The Ark, we are in God’s army whose victory over sin, death and all the powers of darkness is assured through Jesus’ sacrificial death and resurrection. Jesus gave us His authority to bring the rule and reign of God’s Kingdom from Heaven to earth in the power of the Holy Spirit by "doing the stuff" He did on earth.

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