Why are we called The Ark Community Church?                     

      Why is the name significant for us?

We believe that this name was given to us by God as a name that pleases Him and speaks of who He is. It also speaks of who we are and what we value.

Like the Ark of the Covenant was made to welcome and host God's presence, we have a clear priority to first and foremost be a place where He feels at home and His presence is demonstrably among us.

Like the Ark that Noah built as a place of rescue, we place a high value on sharing about and introducing people to the wonderful rescuing power of Jesus, bringing freedom, healing and wholeness to every aspect of our lives.

So those two things – the presence of God & the rescue of God, which we value & enjoy  – which are powerfully connected to each other, are celebrated and highlighted in our name – The Ark Community Church

We look to prepare a place where God is welcomed, given permission and free to move in His goodness, love, truth and power. We firmly believe that wherever His Church and His people are vessels for that, then those who are truly spiritually hungry & thirsty will be drawn - and transformed from the inside out by the empowering, rescuing presence of God.