We are building a place of Pastoral Care and             

   Spiritual Nurture on the foundations God has given us

Laying a foundation of total dependence on God – trusting Him, going to Him first

Staying inside our cornerstones of Kingdom thinking *

  • That God is always good
  • That nothing is impossible for Him
  • That every victory was obtained on the cross
  • That we are significant – His beloved children, who He chooses to partner with


Building upon those cornerstones in the way we serve

With Kingdom behaviour boundaries that we stay within

  • Faith - in the God of the impossible
  • Love - as those who express the reality of the goodness of God
  • Truth - God's truth/Kingdom/Jesus victory above human wisdom
  • Freewill - as those who know that God chooses to partner with them - choosing well


The roof of our house is Reconciliation

  • Seeing people reconciled with God through Jesus in the power of the Spirit
  • Pursuing reconcilation with each other from that basis
  • As kingdom people - we have been given the ministry of reconciliation. (2 Cor 5:18)


And the key to open it all – order

God’s order of doing things; His will, His way, His wisdom – not ours


Our primary place for ongoing pastoral care is within small groups (little churches).We encourage everyone to connect in this way.

Worship and teaching are part of Spiritual Nurture – so Sunday meetings are important. We connect with God in worship and we are equipped and fed by the Word.

Caring for physical needs is also important & as a church we seek to do this the best we can with the resources available. We encourage people to ask for help and support when they need it.

We offer prayer for freedom and wholeness – Geoff and Jo lead this. We aim for this to be part of ongoing spiritual nurture with preparation & follow up.

We value openness and honesty! We don't want people to pretend to be OK when they're not or to wear a mask. We don't mind the mess of real life – we want to meet people where they are and help them through or out of their stuff!


 * We are grateful to Bill Johnson for his language in expressing the cornerstones of Kingdom thinking so well