Leader's Resources


There are several writers who God has used to spiritually mature and bless us, both corporately and individually.

It goes without saying (but we will say it anyway), that we make it a priority above all other resources, to study the eternal word of God, the Bible, first and foremost.  We encourage each other to renew our minds with its truth and light each day.

Additionally, God has revealed His plans and purposes in other diverse ways, but the insights in the following books have certainly played a part in the journey He's had us on.

By Rick Joyner
The Final Quest
The Torch & The Sword
The Path 

By Bill Johnson:
Face to Face With God

When Heaven Invades Earth
The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind
Strengthen Yourself in the Lord 

By Graham Cooke:
The Way of the Warrior series
#1  Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior
#2 Manifesting Your Spirit
#3 Coming Into Alignment

Kris Valloton:
Heavy Rain
Developing A Supernatural Lifestyle

By Roberts Liardon: 
God's Generals series in book form or DVD

By Danny Silk:
Culture of Honour
Keep Your Love On!

By Harold E. Eberle:
The Complete Wineskin

By Larry Crabb:
66 Love Letters 

 Many of the books mentioned above are also available in MP3, CD or DVD formats.